Contract Grown Trees

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Let Countryside Farm and Nurseries, Inc produce your trees for you.  You choose the rootstock that you want and tell us what variety of tree that you want on it.  Thus you get exactly the tree that will perform best for your operation.  
Rootstock is chosen based on several characteristics.  It controls the size of the finished tree.  And the different rootstocks will perform differently depending on the soil and the climate.  It can also impart some disease resistance.  Thus the rootstock can affect how well the tree grows in a wide range of orchard conditions.  It is grown on our farm for a season and then we graft or bud the chosen variety onto it. 
The variety of scion wood is chosen based on the sales needs of your farm operation.   After the tree is budded, it is grown for a second season and then delivered to your location once it is dormant.
Countryside Farm and Nurseries, Inc is able to handle a wide range of requests for rootstocks, scion wood, and grafting techniques such as chip budding, T-budding, whip grafts, and even interstem grafts.  We are very knowledgeable regarding the green industry and will take the time to discuss your needs with you.  Therefore, you get a high quality tree, of the exact variety, that is perfectly designed for your business.  A tree that will flourish in the conditions of your farm or orchard.   

We regularly grow apples, peaches, cherries, pears, and plums but we can also handle unusual requests as well.  Whether it is modern, an heirloom, or your backyard favorite we can make the trees for you. Contact Raul for quantities and costs at 434-806-9273.