Cider and Heirloom Apple Varieties 

Countryside Farm and Nurseries, Inc. has access to scionwood to grow quite a few varieties of Cider and Heirloom Apples.  The following list is of varieties which are readily available to order.  However, there are other varieties not listed to which we have access but in smaller quantities.  So if you don't see something you want here, give us a call anyway and we will see what we can do.  Call Raul at 434-806-9273 to place an order.
Albemarle Pippin (aka Newtown Pippin) (Sharp or Sweet, depending on where it is grown)
Arkansas Black (Sweet with Acid)
Ashmead’s Kernel (Sharp)
Blacktwig (Sweet with Acid and Tannin)
Cox’s Orange Pippin (Sharp)
Dabinette (Bittersweet)
Dolgo Crab (Bittersharp)
Esopus Spitzenburg (Sharp)
Graniwinkle (Sweet)
Grime’s Golden (Sweet)
Golden Russet (Sharp)
Harrison (Sharp)
Hewe’s Crab (Sharp or Bittersweet, depending on where it is grown)
Pomme Gris (Sharp)
Porters Perfection
Redfield (Bittersweet)
Ribston Pippin
Roxbury Russet (Sharp)
Smith’s Cider (Sweet)
Tremlett’s Bitter (Bittersweet)
White Winter Pearmain
Winesap (Sharp)
Yarlington Mill (Bittersweet)

Long Ashton classifications:                           
          Sweet- low Acid, Low Tannin
          Sharp- High Acid, Low Tannin
          Bittersharp- High Tannin, High Acid
          Bittersweet- High Tannin, Low Acid

          Sweet with Acid- High Acid, High Brix